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About Us
We are a small family run farm, located in the beautiful picturesque Niigata countryside, deep in the heart of Japan. We firmly believe in our Eco-friendly approach, thus successfully cultivating pure and healthy crops. Using only 100% original Koshihikari seed, widely regarded as the best tasting rice in Japan. Here at Joint Farm, all of our seeds must go through a rigorous sorting process in our state of the art rice miller, guaranteeing that only the finest are selected for planting. The seeds will then go though a soaking process using underground spring water taken from our onsite well, to which we also add a vitamin fortified sediment extract to enrich, and add even more goodness to our sprouts. Doing so allows your body to absorb up to an amazing 98% of the total vitamins and minerals locked in each grain. In addition to this, one of our methods we are most proud of, is producing our own special “animal free/home grown” fertilizer. It is common knowledge that feed given to fertilizer producing animals is of a very questionable quality, and can contain a host of undesirables such as, growth hormones, antibiotics, and medications, which if used, would inevitably pass though to the rice. The fertility of soil and quality of fertilizer together, play an incredibly important role in regards to the structure and overall taste of the rice. Joint Farm’s decision to make our own gives us the assurance and security of knowing the product we are using is 100% natural, and we take great pride in the guarantee that our fertilizer contains absolutely no animal products, and is made entirely from 100% recycled natural ingredients, including Okara (Soy pulp), tea leaves, coffee grinds and plant matter. It is then carefully heated up to a specific temperature of 80 degrees, allowing it to slowly ferment, and eliminate all bad bacteria. With its high vitamin and mineral count and distinct sweet and nutty taste it’s easy to see why Koshihikairi is held in such high regard in Japan.
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We are united in growing the freshest, tastiest,healthiest and highest quality rice available.
Hideo Ono
Different Strains Of Rice
Recently the vast majority of Japanese rice farmers have switched to using the new Koshihikari BL strain of rice. The main reason being that the new BL strain is more resistant to imochi disease (rice blast disease), therefore carrying fewer risks. And although the risk is not so high, the tradeoff here is that the BL strain does not retain the same taste as the original Koshihikari seed. Rest assured our Gensenmai is 100% original pure Koshihikari seed. Although this produces a lower annual yield overall when compared to that of other farms, here at Joint Farm we pride ourselves on providing the best quality rice available and strive to preserve the traditional way of growing rice as our ancestors did before us.
Vertical Standing Rice Miller
Here at Joint Farm, we our most proud of our Vertical Standing Rice Miller (or VSRM for short). One of the most amazing features of this machine, is that it does not add any heat during the milling process, thus preventing any deterioration in the grain and maintaing the quality of the rice. In comparison to the standard cleaning process, the VSRM ensures that the tiny embryo bud is still left 100% intact, thus keeping all of the nutritional value locked in. The VSRM also has the amazing ability to filter out the immature grains ensuring that we deliver the highest quality rice available on the market today.
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The use of pesticides, herbicides and animal fertiliser not only affect the overall taste of the rice but even more so it also has a negative effect on your health and the environment.
To over come this we use our own "home made" fertiliser that guarantees our rice is unrivalled in both overall nutrient content, absorption and taste, whilst at the same time leaving no negative impact our surroundings or your well being.
The Vertical Standing Rice Miller sorting this years harvest. Notice the filtering out of the immature grains to the right hand side, making certain that only the finest grains are filtered through. After the sorting is complete the rice will go through a final quality assessment by inspectors and stored in our temperature controlled warehouse, to maintain freshness until shipment.
We care deeply about the environment and well-being of people, and make sure that all of our rice fields are routinely and thoroughly inspected for levels of Pesticide residue, Nitrates and Nitrogen and most importantly Radioactivity levels. Attached to every bag of rice is a gold standard seal, only awarded to those who pass the most rigorous of testing, ensuring that you get the safest, highest quality and best tasting rice available on the market today
The Gensenkai Association
We have recently formed a local farming association called The Gensenkai Association. This group was born out of a desire to preserve the traditional farming methods of our ancestors and not rely solely on the more current commercial agricultural methods. All Gensenkai members are permitted to use our farming techniques, and together we are united in growing the freshest, tastiest,healthiest and highest quality rice available.
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Our company is proud of its commitments to being kind to the environment, growing the very best grain naturally using traditional methods.