About Me
For years I was a Japanese carpenter, specializing in traditional Japanese style furniture. Then one day I felt most unwell, and could feel that something was terribly wrong with me. And after a quick visit to the doctor he explained that my health was deteriorating rapidly and my blood pressure was sky high. Little did I know that this would eventually force me into early retirement. My doctor advised me to take a good look at not only my lifestyle but also my diet, to which I had previously not given much thought. After having to retire from from my trade, I was at a loss of what to do, and it was then by a chance meeting, I met a friend who just happened to be experimenting with growing organic vegetables.(This was practically unheard of 20 years ago)
myself and a few close friends finally succeeded in cultivating, what we believe to be the highest quality brown rice available.
Hideo Ono
They were absolutely delicious and I realised that he was on to something special. From this point onwards I was determined to take charge of my diet, starting by growing my own produce using the methods learned from the aforementioned friend. It was not only the fact that the vegetables themselves were so much more delicious than the standard commercially grown variety, but also that they had so much more added nutritional value as well, which played a crucial role in me not only regaining my health back, but by also totally eliminating my high blood pressure. Then one day it dawned on me over breakfast, If I could apply a similar method to growing rice as I had been successfully using on my vegetables. After many attempts, myself and a few close friends finally succeeded in cultivating, what we believe to be the highest quality brown rice available.
This boiled down to five key factors.
Fertilzer: We use our own "animal free" fetilzer that guarantees our rice is unrivalled in overall nutrient content, absorption rate and taste, whilst at the same time leaving no negative impact on our surroundings or your wellbeing!
Vitamin and mineral water soaking process: Our seeds are soaked using water taken from our underground spring, supplied from the surrounding mountains. We also mix in a vitamin fortified sediment extract to enrich, and add even more goodness to our sprouts. Doing so allows your body to absorb up to an amazing 98% of the total vitamins and minerals locked in each grain.
Pure Koshihikari seed: Our Gensenmai brand is 100% pure Koshihikari seed, and not the more commonly used and inferior BL strain. The BL strain does not retain the same taste as the original Koshihikari seed. We guarantee you rice in its most natural and unmodified state.
The VRSM: The use of our very sophisticated and state of the art milling machine. One of the most amazing, is that it does not add any heat during the milling process, thus preventing any deterioration in the grain and maintaing the quality of the rice. The VSRM filters out all immature grains and ensures that the tiny embryo bud is left 100% intact, thus keeping all of the nutritional value locked in.
5) Full contaminant inspection: We care deeply about the environment and well-being of people, and make sure that all of our rice fields are routinely and thoroughly inspected for levels of Pesticide residue, Nitrates and Nitrogen and most importantly Radioactivity levels. Attached to every bag of rice is a gold standard seal, only awarded to those who pass the most rigorous of testing, ensuring that you get the safest, highest quality and best tasting rice available on the market today
Using these five principles allowed us to grow original, non BL strain rice, packed with even more nutrition and goodness, and turning something healthy into something really exceptional!
After successfully growing our crops, my friends and I formed a group called "The Gensenkai Association". We all shared the same passion for growing rice without relying on conventional methods and a desire to preserve the traditional farming methods of our ancestors. in cultivating, what we believe to be the highest quality brown rice available.
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As an independent family owned company, production and customer satisfaction is of the upmost importance to us. Everything from selecting the best seeds and soaking in our mineral enriched spring water. to growing the seedlings, farming and harvesting. Inspection of rice, making our own animal free fertiliser, to temperature controlled storage.
Even the ordering and shipping.Everything is 100% managed by us for your security and peace of mind.
Worldwide Obesity Epidemic Concerns
One of my biggest concerns for people of today is the huge influx of fast food restaurants, instant noodles and microwave dinners finding there way into peoples busy lifestyles, which are ultimately leading to obesity and other health related problems. Fast food may be convenient and yes, it may taste good, but it is in no way nutritionally balanced and is extremely unhealthy. It is loaded with unneeded calories from refined carbohydrates, complex sugars, all sorts of saturated fats, is high in sodium, colourings, additives....the list is almost endless! It is also one of the main causes for Type 2 diabetes, which is one of the biggest epidemics facing us today. Statistically every year, more and more young people are falling seriously ill as a result from poor dietary habits, and are having a much shorter life expectancy than they should. For example, it was not at all unheard in my home town for someone to live well into their nineties or even over a hundred years old, and still continue to do a full day’s work out on the farm. And yet now, we have the unfortunate reality of people barely making it into their early seventies. People should be active and in good health at this age and enjoying their retirement, not reliant on drugs and medicines and frequent visits to the hospital. It saddens me to see this happening not just here, but all over the world. Indeed a typical Japanese family meal used to consist of the following foods:
Brown rice (starchy carbohydrates)
Vegetables (fibre and roughage)
Fish (protein)
Green tea (Anti oxidants)
Miso soup(Vitamins and minerals).
This is a simple, inexpensive, extremely healthy and indeed considered to be a perfect meal. Even today this stands on its own, and should be used as an example. It is quite a stark contrast when compared with our current generations diet. After feeling the benefits and seeing such a drastic change firsthand, it is my wish for everyone to eat a more healthy diet and enjoy a more active and healthier lifestyle.
By starting to make even the smallest changes to your diet now, you will be making the biggest and best investment by securing your health in the long term.
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Rice Network Niigata
We are proud to be fully qualified and licensed from the renowned Rice Network Niigata.
All of our rice undergoes rigorous testing in all areas including one that is one that is based on taste, prioritising three key steps. These are the protein levels, the stickiness of the grain and the moisture content. It is paramount to have a perfect balance on the inside regardless if the grain itself looks good on the outside. In addition checks are run regularly for radiation, nitrate and pesticide levels. This is especially important for brown rice as the husk is still intact and therefore could house potential contaminates which could otherwise be removed in the hulling process for white rice.Only rice scoring top marks in all categories, are granted the coveted RNN license. Our rice goes through the most rigorous tests, to ensure that you get the safest and best tasting rice available on the market today.
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